• List of the top players in Fortnite

    In Fortnite: Battle Royale, strong players keep setting new records. But who is currently the top dog, who leads the ranking in which discipline? We have everything in tables here.

    The top records in Fortnite: Among the thousands of Fortnite players are some that stand out and set heavy records of kills. In order to get an overview of who has the most kills in certain disciplines of the game, we have created tables for you with the best players and their achievements.

    The different records are divided into different tables depending on the platform and game mode. The status of the current ranking is July 17, 2019 from FPS tracker

    We will regularly update the lists here and set new records.

    All records on the PC

    In this table you will find the kill records in Fortnite: Battle Royale on the PC. They are usually very spectacular. Mode Kills Players Solo 30 Baldy Solo vs. Duo 35 Payamz Duo 41 FunkBomb (26), Nagezz (14) Solo vs. Squad 43 Teeqzy Duo vs. Squad 43 Teeqzy (27), Nokss (16) Trio vs. Squad 53 Renik (16), XMS (15), Nokss (22) Squad 59 3vil (12), 7ssk7 (16), Jamside (21), whistle (10) All records on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

    The following list shows who has the most kills in all disciplines on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Mode Kills Players Solo 27 Teco1976 Solo vs. Duo 30 Zorbets Duo 46 NickMercs (23), NioiLy (23) Solo vs. Squad 38 KaneeeeB13 Duo vs. Squad 40 Toonnah (20), HaslamN (20) Trio vs. Squad 43 iSkiiiz (20), Az0t3 (13), Xtreme Zapeur (10) Squad 61 Fqrbes (25), Nexjs (18), Tactjc (10), NadeXC (8) All records on mobile devices

    On smartphones with the operating systems Android and iOS from Apple and the switch are so far only a few records recorded, but they have it in itself. Mode Kills Players Solo vs. Squad 29 AdamxLegend Duo vs. Squad 31 FataStar (5), KeaStarL (26) Squad 41 Ducky The Gamer (2), Frisky (13), Reza Evo (15), Flashinq (11) Other records in Fortnite

    Not only pure kill numbers are worth records. These strong performances with various weapons of the game have also been listed:

    Biggest Sniper Kill: Gato Velandia scored a kill 491 yards away.
    Longest missile kill: Skrepped blew up an enemy at 541 meters.
    Longest detention grenade kill: Yowd threw his detention grenade 180 yards.
    The longest C4 kill: OMGitsHassnain detonated the C4 bomb at 1,368 meters.

    What do you say to these records? Are you planning to break them?

    Source: Epic Games news

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